The Third Annual Harlem EatUp! Event

Harlem Eat Up! Check in

Saturday, May 20, 2017 and Sunday, May 21, 2017 were great days to get a taste of Harlem. The 3rd annual Harlem EatUp! Festival a festival offers an exciting sampling of Harlem’s sights, flavors and sounds, from artists of the kitchen, canvas, stage and streets.

Attendees with a day pass had the opportunity to walk around the grounds, commune with friends and neighbors while tasting delicious foods. With great music on the background, there was dancing as well as performances from guest bands.

For those who enjoy the restaurant like atmosphere, there is Dine In Harlem, Eat Up’s signature multi-room dinner party experience, featuring Harlem’s hottest restaurants and chefs hosting some of the biggest national culinary stars in their kitchens.

Festival attendees, guests and members of the press were invited to “Get their eat on” as they spend the day Uptown at The Harlem Stroll, where food, art and culture all converged in the backdrop of one of the neighborhood’s most beautiful parks.

In addition, there was the opportunity to watch Harlem and national top chef cooking demos on the Harlem EatUp! Main Stage. The entire event was and is a celebration of culture and good eats not to be missed!


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