by Catherine Brinkman

Starting a new business is always hard, that is why delegation is key, yet hard to do. Letting go of tasks you have been doing for months can be stressful.

When you look at delegating you must surround yourself a good team. A team that you trust. Someone recently asked me “Oh did you make your website yourself?” I responded, “Uh, no! I delegated it to a friend that I knew that made websites and would help me out. What he could do in an hour it would probably take me seven hours so why not delegate?” She then asked for his contact information.

People that do not delegate are often bogged down by the minutia of the little day-to-day back end tasks. When you are a key account manager, why in the world would you be doing marketing and cold calling? You need to have someone else do lead generation. It is through delegation that you use your resources to the best of their ability. Having an account manager cold call is not the best use of talent, time or revenue generated activities. Delegation affects your bottom line.

Ensuring your bottom line wins means paying someone $12 an hour to cold call and generate leads for you. Now your straight commission closer comes in, takes over the sales process, and gains the business. Meanwhile there is still someone else creating new leads for your organization. You tell me which is a better use of resources.

In Kevin Krause’s new book “15 Secret Successful People Know About Time Management” he mentioned the fact that people such as Mark Cuban delegate the majority of everything that they do. This allows them time to actually work on their vision of where they want their companies to go.

Take a look at your job description. What are the items that you can delegate? Have faith in your team members that they will fulfill the task to the best of their ability making your vision a reality.

About the writer Catherine Brinkman: Consultant focusing on marketing, business planning and executive coaching.



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