Target’s newest Kids’ apparel and accessories brand, is in session! The trendy line is all about encouraging kids to express themselves through what they’re wearing, just like an actual art class.

A model, actress and globally recognized young fashionista, Haileigh loves sharing her sense of style with thousands of her devoted Instagram followers. Target

The line kicked off with a limited-edition collection called The Class of 2017, which was co-designed by a group of 10 notable kids whose interests range from singing and dancing to cooking and surfing, and are known for their creativity and ingenuity.

The Class of 2017 includes 13-year-old YouTube sensation and singer Johnny Orlando, 14-year-old tech guru Mercer Henderson and 7-year-old model, actress and globally-recognized young fashionista Haileigh Vasquez, among others.

With most items under $20, the spring assortment features edgier and expressive everyday apparel for kids including jersey dresses, joggers, tropical-printed track jackets and tie-dye denim.

Now this young girl has Moxye.

The little Dominicana first won our hearts over when her mom, Zulay, started posting photos of her looking super fashionable and rocking all sorts of designers and looks.

“Haileigh is very, very girly. She loves dressing up,” she told us in 2013. “She’s not one of these little spoiled rude kids. She’s far from it.  She’s a sweet little girl.”

We had the oportunity to contact Haileigh Vasquez, and this is what the Dominican-American fashion designer said about this exciting experience.



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