by Moxye Staff

Actress Kerry Washington has partnered with Neutrogena for a makeup collection that will sell exclusively at Ulta, WWD reports.

An eye shadow palette and a cheek palette are now available at and will roll out to stores later this month. They eye palette costs $12.99 and the cheek palette is $9.99 per WWD.

Washington has served as a spokesperson and creative consultant for Neutrogena since 2013, but this is the first time her name will be attached to a product, per WWD. Washington worked with Neutrogena on shade selection to create a versatile assortment that can create a natural look on a range of skin tones, per WWD.

“Obviously, everyone is going to look different using these colors, and not every color is going to work for every single person,” Washington told WWD. “I tried to create a world where you could really play. What’s a bronzer for somebody might be a blush for someone, and a highlighter for somebody might be an eye shadow. You can really play around with these tools.”

Neutrogena has increased its focus on makeup in the last year, launching its Hydroboost makeup as an extension of its hyaluronic-acid-infused skin-care line, per WWD. The hydrating products drove double-digit growth in 2017.

Washington is also helping Neutrogena build a foundation line with an expanded range of shades, according to Allure. She acknowledges beauty brands still have room to become more inclusive of different skin tones, per Allure.

“We’re on the journey too. We’re not perfect. We know we’re not perfect,” Washington said, per Allure. “We’re just trying to take more and more steps to get there.”

The beauty industry as a whole has shifted to serve to a wider range of customers, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. The shift is often referred to as the “Fenty Beauty effect,” referring to the 2017 debut of Rihanna’s makeup line that offers 40 shades of foundations. Yahoo Lifestyle named Fenty the “Most Inclusive Foundation” in its Diversity in Beauty Awards this year.


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