By Moxye Staff

It’s been several weeks since the year started. How much personal growth have you experienced?

That’s not intended to be a dig. Rather, my intent is to be a stimulus to wake you up or to encourage continuation of the momentum begun in January.

Most of us make resolutions to grow, prosper and become more successful. And for those of us who struggle to make any of these resolutions become reality, here’s a game plan that might lead to some success.

Identify Your Focus

Far too many people go through life looking through a foggy and fuzzy lens. This prevents clarity and can lead to taking the wrong road. The clearer we are with where we want our life to go, the easier it becomes to get started on the journey.

Focus on what you want from your personal life. Focus on what you want in a career. Focus on every aspect of your life. Leave nothing to chance. So, to grow, first get focused.

Make The Decision

Once you’ve achieved clarity with your focusing efforts, it’s decision time. Deciding is at times the most difficult decision we make.

What do I want? What am I willing to do? Am I committed to my decision? Will my life be better or worse because I’ve made that decision? These are challenging questions. Answer these and any others you can think of to increase your clarity.

Decisions that can alter our life in a positive direction are growth stimuli. But let’s not forget a bad decision can also be life-changing. If we suffer enough, our resolve to change becomes more intense. In either case, growth starts once we’ve made the decision to change in some way.

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Make The Growth Plan

When we develop plans, we visualize accomplishment. By detailed small steps, we will create a giant leap of progress. Identify the destination you seek, make a decision, then identify the necessary steps to bring that destination into reality. Think things through in the smallest detail. Remember, the devil is in the details. We don’t want those “devils” driving our plan.

Creating your plan means you need to identify what must change. Continuing on our same path will not create change. We must detour in our new direction and not look back. Change is challenging, but it beats stagnation and regression. Assure yourself that change will help you grow skills, knowledge and results. Persistence pays.

Become an ‘Action’ Hero

Marvel comic books have stories about their action heroes. They fight what appears to be insurmountable odds to save the day. In the end, the hero defeats the villain.

While you are not in Marvel comic books, your life is like the heroes’ lives. Each day, you face the “villains” of life that can overtake your energy and initiatives. They forge roadblocks and make us detour down a path of destruction. But remember, you are an “action” hero. You win battles.

Follow the steps you developed with your plans. Take action on each step. If it doesn’t achieve the results you seek, be flexible to adjust like the action heroes do. They meet obstacles head on — and that is exactly what you do. The roadblocks, obstacles and negative thoughts are your “villains.” You must defeat them with the tenacity to win. The only acceptable direction is forward.

Different Results

So, where are you now? Do you continue to create the same results? Can you sense any growth? If not, perhaps you’re on the road to New York when your intended destination is California. The change you’ve initiated should lead to “better” and “smarter” results. Growth means progress.

Make analysis of data gathered from all your growth-oriented efforts an integral part of your day. As a former quality manager, I lived and died with data. Every decision about our product started with data gathered. Action taken depended on the quality parameters we needed to achieve. Once we completed our planned actions, we again analyzed the data. If needed, we adjusted and continued with new actions. It was always a cycle that involved both doing and checking. It’s a perfect formula to check if growth has occurred.

Grow Or Get Left Behind

Professionals understand they must keep up with the information flow in their chosen field. Today’s workplace is an ever-changing entity that will leave lazy folks behind. Growth needs the fertilizer of knowledge, improvement needs knowledge planted into our everyday actions, and actions that make up your “growth crop” satisfy your hunger to improve your performance.

This is a simple formula that is not always so simple to do. Everything starts with a commitment to grow. You must sustain action and not quit when the going gets tough. This can be the difference between winning and losing the growth game.

Think through where you want to land with your growth travels. Growth just doesn’t happen; nor does success. Both need focus, a decision, a plan, action and a continual commitment. Are you ready for such a trip?

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