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Ayesha Curry is a bestselling cookbook author and restaurateur, star of the Food Network’s “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen” and one-half of the Bay Area’s favorite sports super couple with Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

Yes, CoverGirl loves Ayesha, but the Alamo entrepreneur loves CoverGirl back. The 28-year-old posted a picture on her Instagram page saying she is “honored and thrilled to join the iconic women of the CoverGirl family. Still such a dream. So happy I can finally tell everyone!!!”

Ayesha fronts the drugstore beauty brand’s new Peacock Flare Mascara campaign, which hit stores this past November.

Since beauty manufacturer Coty purchased CoverGirl from Procter & Gamble last year, the cosmetics brand has reinvented itself.

Under the leadership of senior vice president Ukonwa Ojo, CoverGirl has taken a turn to become more inclusive, innovative and digitally savvy, Glossy reports. The transformation, which has included a new tagline and new brand faces, will peak in 2018 with the debut of 140 trendy products.

“A total brand re-stage is a big undertaking in a year’s time,” Ojo told Glossy. “It’s been challenging — the team has never worked harder — but we are all so passionate about this brand.”

Ayesha is the first chef, best-selling author and mom of two in a beauty campaign for CoverGirl. The brand’s commitment to diversity when it comes to its spokespeople is unwavering and inspiring. Food Network star and consummate multi-tasker Ayesha Curry is the newest CoverGirl, further proofing this fact.

In October, CoverGirl ditched its longtime “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” tagline for the more empowering “I Am What I Make Up,” per Glossy. The brand’s subsequent commercial opened with a quote from author Toni Morrison – “What’s the world for you if you can’t make it up the way you want?” – and featured new brand ambassadors including actress Issa Rae, Food Network host Ayesha Curry, and 69-year-old model Maye Musk.

Prior to the revamp, CoverGirl drew attention when it introduced James Charles as the brand’s first CoverBoy in 2016, The New York Times reported. The announcement came during a broader questioning of traditional gender boundaries in the beauty and fashion industries, per The Times.

Furthering the brand’s push for inclusivity, Ojo told Glossy she’s emphasized diverse hiring internally. And Coty partnered with the social action platform Global Citizen in October to help combat racial and gender prejudice, Glossy reported.

CoverGirl and the brand’s new advertising agency Droga5 conducted extensive research through focus groups and beauty influencers to shape the new campaign. Ojo told Glossy they realized consumers see makeup as a tool for self-expression and prefer brands with meaningful messaging.


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