by Carolyn Twersky

Claude Grunitzky has been named president of the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation, to work in a newly created position alongside founder and artistic director Robert Wilson. The foundation and its Watermill Center in the Hamptons on Long Island in New York supports artists who focus on avant-garde and multidisciplinary work. Currently on the foundation’s board of directors, Grunitzky will begin as president on July 10.

Grunitzky has worked previously as a journalist, author, and media entrepreneur in Europe, Africa, and America, and is the founder of the publications Trace and True Africa.

Crystal McCrary, Claude Grunitzky, and Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn

In a statement, Wilson said, “I first met Claude Grunitzky close to a decade ago. In his two and a half years on the board, he has brought new energy and new ideas. We welcome the chance to work with him to expand the horizon of the foundation.”

Grunitzky said, “I have long been fascinated by Wilson’s imagination and the unique way he brings cultures together. In this new role, I plan to build on his legacy as well as craft new collaborations that help advance the foundation to reach new heights.”


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