Chance the Rapper said Friday that he’s setting up an arts and literature fund to help Chicago Public Schools most in need as he listed 12 new schools getting $10,000 each for art programs.

Chance made the announcement at Robeson High School on the South Side where he noted that donations are now up to $2.2 million for CPS students, which includes a new donation of $1 million from the Chicago Bulls. The rapper last month said he was personally donating $1 million.

“We are committed to giving the kids as much as we can on the philanthropic side. Everything else is different. We’re just getting started,” Chance said.

The 12 new schools announced Friday are in addition to 10 original schools that Chance had previously announced. Those schools already have their money, Chance said.

The rapper said he is working with the arts advocacy organization, Ingenuity, to use data to determine the neediest schools.

Chance, whose given name is Chancelor Bennett, is a graduate of Jones College Prep H.S. His charity’s announcement comes about a month after he met with Gov. Bruce Rauner about CPS funding and then announced the first $1 million in donations from his non-profit foundation, SocialWorks, to the CPS foundation.

At the news conference, Chance was asked if he had spoken to Rauner since Chance announced his major donation.

“Nooooo,” he said. “Nope.”

The Chicago Board of Education is facing a $215 million budget gap, which is largely the result of its need to finance teacher pensions. Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have been sparring about various solutions that involve more funding from state government to plug the deficit.

Robeson was named about a month ago as one of 10 CPS schools getting a $10,000 donation from SocialWorks.



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