Bachelorette” Standout Eric Bigger on Current Season Struggles & Applying Positivity

Actor Eric Bigger from the Bachelorette.
Actor Eric Bigger from the Bachelorette.

With his illuminating smile, infectious charisma, and rock-hard abs, we would love to introduce you to the man in contention for Rachel Lindsay’s heart on this season of “The Bachelorette,” Eric Bigger. One of the most outspoken of the group, never afraid to speak his mind, stand up for himself and for others against bully, Lee, and even putting Rachel herself on the spot for her feelings for him, Eric stands apart from the crowd while on his own journey learning about vulnerability, positivity and love.

Bigger grew up in Baltimore Maryland, spending his childhood overcoming struggles but never wavering in his motivation to become something bigger than himself, protecting himself with positivity and using that drive to push him to higher education. After graduating college from Hamptons University with a degree in entrepreneurship, business, administration and additional studies in technology, Bigger moved to Los Angeles with $1000 in his pocket and a dream in his heart to push a positive focused energy and help people help themselves, as he had once done for himself. Realizing that the best way to help people in life is to start with the physical, his passion for fitness and motivational speaking in conjunction with each other grew, spending two years pushing his own boot camp. Now a personal trainer, Bigger encourages his trainees to keep moving, saying “people lack faith when there’s resistance,” and using that mantra to break boundaries.

Bigger will be seen this season breaking his own boundaries, his first time exploring his own emotional range and experiencing a physical, mental, and emotional growth during the course of his journey, connecting on a soul level with Rachel Lindsay. He has created his own hat line and partnered with “The Cap Trap” where his inspirational quotes such as “It’s Miracle Season” are being featured.


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