The curator of RMGLive Inclusive Leadership is Maximillian L. Hamilton, founder and CEO of Rogue Media Group

by Lamont Hames

RMGLive Inclusive Leadership is a series of corporate symposiums that will leverage the expertise of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and public policymakers, to harness their collective knowledge to addressing critical issues in the workplace with innovative solutions. The first of four symposiums will convene April 19, 2018 in New York City at MetLife’s Worldwide Headquarters. The curator of RMGLive Inclusive Leadership is Maximillian L. Hamilton, founder and CEO of Rogue Media Group, a New York-based integrated marketing agency that partners with the global diversity and inclusion programs of Fortune 1000 companies.

Major corporations are proactively conducting 360-degree reviews of diversity in the workforce, gender equity, supply chain, and inclusive policies. While diversity assessments in leadership are usually limited to midlevel in the workforce, there is an increased spotlight on the importance of bringing diverse leadership at the senior ranks of today’s leading organizations. RMGLive Inclusive Leadership is featuring senior representatives from MetLife, Lee Hecht Harrison, Mercedes Benz, Thomson Reuters, and Viacom, naming a few. The RMGLive Inclusive Leadership series will also continue through 2019 in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Dallas hosted by leading Fortune corporations.

The focus of the RMGLive Inclusive Leadership symposium will focus on:

     •   Assembling a cross section of Leaders to explore solutions in a      collaborative manner.

    •    Exploring multiple markets: Financial Services, Tech, Advertising, Health Care, and Sports & Entertainment.

    •   Situational Awareness and problem solving, including report-outs of recommended solutions.

    •   Data-driven with Research reviews

    •   Analyze best practices

Educational content produced by RMGLive Inclusive Leadership symposium series will be available on, a newly created digital platform, published research reports, hosted webinars, and by attending live experiential learning symposiums.

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