by Mari K. Bell

Where were you in 1987? This dynamic group of young ladies were attending the illustrious HBCU Clark College, currently known as Clark Atlanta University.

Loaded with ambition, we converged on Clark’s campus daily to take our lives a little higher.  Fun was simple. We listened to LL Cool J, danced to Salt-N-Pepa, and hung out in Atlanta’s West End. We also shared clothes, did each other’s hair, and laughed so hard at times our bellies ached.  Life was good.  No, life was fantastic!

Dynamic Dreams of Delta, Sigma Chapter, Clark College, circa 1987.

We were also working hard to become members of Delta Sigma Theta.  Our connection was a desire to make a difference in our community and leverage the education we were so fortunate to have an opportunity to pursue.  The photo above was snapped during our probate show 30 years ago.  We were and still are the 20 Dynamic Dreams of Delta, Sigma Chapter, Clark College, circa 1987.

Front Row: Annalise Fonza, Mari K. Bell, V. Terry, Meredith Lawson, Dia Myrick Second Row: Lilla Delemos Canton, Tonyaa Staples, Andrea Cross, Pamela Walker, Jana Rutherford, Tracey Fletcher, Michelle Young, Tammi T. Holloway, Jacqueline Edmond-Long, Yolanda Mapp Bumpers, Jakki Green, Lisa Harriston Burch

And here we are again…30 years later!

We’ve lived through life’s tragedies and triumphs.  From marriages and giving birth to divorces and burying parents, we are still here. From the stock market crash and September 11 to witnessing the inauguration of the first African American United States President, former President Barak Obama, we are still here.

Today, we are executives, PhD’s, entertainers, educators, attorneys, authors, and stay-at-home moms. We run the gamut of success and more importantly, we remain sisters.

Happy 30th Deltaversary, Saw-Rahs!  Keep making our university, families, sorority, and community proud.

Oh, to be a Delta!

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