Universal Attractions Agency is proud to announce the exclusive representation of Melanie Fiona

Singer Melonie Fiona

UAA recently announced the exclusive representation of singer Melanie Fiona. The songstress is currently working on her third studio album, “Next Train,” due early 2018.

Just like powerful music itself, the two-time Grammy Award winner Melanie Fiona exudes soulful charm, wit, and a genuine story-telling ability that expresses both vulnerability and strength.

Melanie’s 2009 debut, The Bridge, was the formal introduction of what would become her bluesy, soulful signature: melodic tales of empowering emotional rollercoasters. The New York Times named The Bridge one of 2009’s best R&B albums.

Her songwriting is braided with sad truths and balanced by glimmers of fulfilling romance; something the young woman firmly believes exists in this crazy world. The album’s breakthrough ballad, “It Kills Me,” written by Andrea Martin, topped Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for nine weeks and earned Fiona her first Grammy nomination in 2010 for Best R&B Female Vocal Performance.

For more information on Melonie Fiona, visit her website to stay in touch via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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