As we kickoff 2018,  Nick F. Nelson shares an engaging and powerful  topic with the Moxye audience to help you reset: “Why Don’t You Like Me?”

In the meantime, if you missed the previous episodes of BRANDPRENUER on Moxye click on the related video links below.

Happy New Year!

EPISODE (3) SYNOPSIS: When we post content on social media, we want “likes.” Today in the world of social, “likes” are a symbol of acceptance and for some even popularity. It’s confirmation that you and what you have to say matters. This week on the BRANDPRENUER I discuss common mistakes people make when seeking “likes” online and when trying to be in real life, offline.

Nick F. Nelson is a Brand Strategist, Creative Executive and the Visionary of the highly acclaimed web series BRANDPRENUER is now Syndicated on Moxye.

“I help brands, all kinds of brands get seen! I also work with professional and entrepreneurs like you to achieve the same goal. This channel is NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL. Join me as we explore various topics to help you promote your business and yourself,” Nick F. Nelson.

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EPISODE (2) SYNOPSIS: The side hustle, as more and more people seek financial independence, the pursuit of entrepreneurial aspirations while holding down a full-time job has become more common. In this episode, I teach you what you need to know to turn your side hustle into your full-time job.

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EPISODE (1) SYNOPSIS: What does your life purpose have to do with your personal brand and career? In this episode of BRANDPRENUER, I explain why purpose is critical in corporate and personal branding and tell you how to discover yours. I also help you to create your very own purpose statement and share with you mine. #brandprenuer #itsnotbusinessasusual

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