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Former football rivals Tom Brady and longtime pal Michael Strahan previously teamed up for the series “The Religion of Sports.”

Now the two want to take that concept and expand it into a larger business venture.

Brady, who just wrapped up the 2017 NFL season with a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, is joining former New York Giant and current Good Morning America host Strahan — along with producer Gotham Chopra (son of Deepak Chopra) — to launch a sports media startup.

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The partners are reportedly seeking $3 million in outside capital.

Ameeth Sankaran, a Texas-based investor, is expected to be chief executive.

“I think in our very first meeting, he shared with me the idea of Religion of Sports, and I was hooked immediately!,” Brady told TechCrunch. “Over the next few years, Gotham and I continued the conversation and the friendship evolved very naturally from there.”

“As more and more momentum was created around ‘The Religion of Sports’ show, Gotham became convinced that it was more than a show it was a movement,” Sankaran said. “Our first step was to make Tom and Michael not executive producers in the show but partners in the business.”

Brady and Strahan wouldn’t be the first pro athletes to launch a storytelling platform for athletes.

Retired New York Yankee captain Derek Jeter co-founded and launched The Players’ Tribune with Jaymee Messler in 2014. Former Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant invested in the company.

The startup is known for telling in-depth stories on both personal and sports-related issues. Karl-Anthony Towns, Steph Curry and Breanna Stewart have each lent their voice to the platform.

With “Religion of Sports,” Brady and Strahan are trying to “upend the idea of a network” in the same way that Players Tribune has, the report continued. Both companies are considered upstart rivals to the more traditional, and struggling, ESPN model.

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