It’s no secret that, among basketball players, Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry of the two-time NBA champion Golden State Warriors are among the most tech-savvy and well-connected-in-Silicon Valley players around. Last year, the two were involved with (with Iguodala and his business partner Rudy Cline-Thomas helping to organize) the National Basketball Players Association’s first technology summit.

On the strength of that project (which was attended by about 20 current and former NBA players), Iguodala and Curry have teamed up with Bloomberg on The Players Technology Summit, to be held in San Francisco in August. This time around, the event will be bigger, open to athletes from other sports, and will be covered by the news media. But the gist is the same–putting athletes face-to-face with tech leaders in a bid to help them solidify their post-playing financial futures, as well as figuring out how these high-profile athletes can apply their celebrity and increasing understanding of technology to bear in Silicon Valley.


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