by Jackson Lord

What a year it’s been!

From current events ― including political turmoil and high-profile allegations of sexual misconduct in several industries ― to regular life stressors, it’s been a loooong 365 days.

If you’re overthinking everything and stressed beyond measure, you’re certainly not alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Say goodbye to 2017 ― and some of the negative emotions that came with it ― by adopting a few personal and professional tips that I carved out for myself,  I decided to share them with you, hopefully you will be able to reset for 2018.

Before I begin, it’s very important that you customize the tips listed below to suit your personal goals. After reading the tips, you must stop comparing yourself to others. I find a lot of our dissatisfaction with our lives are based on the comparison to others. The reality is, there will always be people that have it worse than you, as well as people that have it better than you. I always have business partners, associates and friends ask me that one big question, “how are you doing or how is your year going so far?”  My response is always the same, “better than some and worse than others”. No one will never fully understand someone’s situation to the core upon that response. However, it’s important to recognize different variables in different lifestyles.

Finally, through my personal experiences what I discovered is that negative news can poorly affect your mental health. Simply put, it’s absolutely essential to take time away from the barrage of bad news stories. I recommend this to my peers at all levels, this will help you keep stress under control. Below are a few tips, I hope they are useful as you prepare for 2018.

1. Find the Good in Every Day

Most of us have more good days than bad, yet we find ourselves dwelling on the bad ones. Just like how we analyze those obstacles, it is crucial that we also do so with our highlights. After all, the news does not just report the crimes and the controversial bills – it covers a wide variety of positive incidents, it’s simple “stay connected with Moxye”.  Also, I recommend starting a journal or a jar, in which notes are written every day documenting highlights of those days. These can include little things, such as petting a really cute dog, listening to a great new album that had just been released or just hearing go news about individual achieving success in their corporate careers or through their community efforts. At the end of the year, when most people feel like they have been in a slump and failed to follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, you can reflect on what actually turned out to be an eventful 365 days. Doing this also enhances your appreciation for the little joys of life.

2. Say ‘No’ More Often

Make 2018 the year you admit to yourself that you can’t do it all ― and embrace it. Saying “yes” to every offer, even the ones that really don’t fit your overall personal and professional agenda can have a long-term consequences. I currently live and grow by one rule “a people-pleasing habit can hurt your mental well-being”. Remember, always be respectful when it involves saying ‘No’.

3. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Sometimes excessive social media use can be bad for your mental health, and it’s necessary to take a break from your newsfeed. Let’s be real: It’s impossible to expect to stay unplugged from those updates all the time. Reframe the way you view posts on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you can build a healthier relationship with them.  I strongly recommend unfollowing accounts that don’t bring you joy or mutual beneficial partnership.  You must align and subscribe to more positive and engaging content that will entertain, inspire and motivate you on a daily basis.

4. Get Active

There’s no substitute for exercise. I’ve learned regular movement can help improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression. Make an effort to incorporate physical activity into your daily life, whether it’s going for a brief walk  or trying a new fitness class. I highly recommend getting a dog.

5. Lend Your Time to a Cause You Care About

I highly recommend getting involved in charities or causes you care about in order to offset these negative emotions. By getting active, you’re taking control ― that can help relieve anxiety.

6. Adopt a Positive Mantra

Celebrities like Oprah swear by sticking to a mantra, which may give you a little boost when you need it. Pick something that inspires you (for example, “There’s no Tomorrow”) and attach it to your mirror, your desk or wherever you’ll see it most. It sounds corny, but research shows it works. It sounds corny but, hey it works.

7. Make a Goal Rather Than a Resolution

Smaller goals may be more attainable than an overall, lofty aim. Pick a few things you want to achieve this year then, be real with yourself about the progress. Check in every month and think about your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Then reflect and re-evaluate if they are realistic.

8. Turn Your Bed into a Sanctuary

By now you know that sleep is vital to happiness and overall functioning but, do you ever think about where you’re sleeping and how you treat that space? It can be easy to turn your bed into a catch-all for laundry or an extension of your office. However, your brain needs to associate it with sleep ― and experts say it might have difficulty doing so if you’re also using it for other activities. Reserve your bed for a place for sleep and sex, and see if it transforms your Zs.

9. Tackle Your Imposter Syndrome Head-On

The idea that you’re “not good enough” can be largely fabricated by your own mind. The phenomenon is known as imposter syndrome, and it mostly pops up at work, like when you’ve been promoted or trusted with a new responsibility.  It can cause a lot of anxiety. Get out of that fraudulent mindset by defining what success and failure actually look like to you.

10. Learn to Recognize Toxic Personalities in Your Life

Your squad has a profound impact on how you feel. Did you know,  stress is contagious ― and so is happiness. There of toxic people you may encounter so, here is the number one tip for how to deal with them; get rid rid of them cut out that negativity ASAP.

11. Finally, Put Yourself First

It’s a simple fact of life that you can’t please everyone. The one person you can make happy, however is who? Bingo, Yourself! Make a strong vow to look inward in the coming year if you’re always putting others’ feelings above your own. Communicate, talk out loud or most importantly write down what you need. However, don’t be selfish. It’s okay to make other people happy all the time but, it’s important that you are 100 percent OK with that.” Quid Pro Quo!”

Ready to take on 2018?





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