Power:On, A Startup On a Mission to Bring Electricity to Africa

    Tristan Kochoyan and Louise Abalounorou, founders of Power:On

    Discover the amazing story of Tristan Kochoyan and Louise Abalounorou, the founders of Power:On, narrated by French actress Eva Green!

    In a beautiful short film, Eva Green, narrates the story of Power:On, a startup striving to bring electricity to Africa. The actress brings us to Benin’s Igbérè, a very poor village largely cut off from the rest of the world. It is there that Louise and Tristan, Power:On’s co-founders, built an electric grid for 3000 people over a year ago.

    Power:On’s mission is to bring electricity to the poorest and remotest villages in Africa. On the continent, 1 in 2 inhabitants still lives without electricity. In the world, 1.3 billion people live off the grid, in the toughest living conditions. Without electricity, they depend on coal, kerosene, batteries to access their most basic energy needs. The consequences are severe. Each week, toxic fumes emitted by traditional fuels kill more than 76,000 people – more than AIDS and malaria combined, and that without even mentioning the daily economic realities of poverty. Yet there are potential solutions to this crisis, and Power:On is a vibrant illustration of one.

    Antoine Bretillard, who directed the short film, has already won fame through his work with Tomorrow (“Demain” in French), with Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion, which won the César for best documentary feature last year. In this new film, he invites us to discover how over 100 families, entrepreneurs and public services have dramatically transformed their living conditions and triggered economic development in the village.

    Through the film’s narration and interviews with the village’s inhabitants, we see how electricity has allowed access to light, education, healthcare, and created economic opportunities to alleviate poverty. The film’s ending beautifully shows how electricity can even facilitate access to culture, which is an essential part of human life that is all too often neglected in similar initiatives.

    For Power:On, the next step is now to gather enough supporters to launch a crowdfunding campaign and begin generating solar energy in Igbérè. A quick email sign-up on their website en.turnthepoweron.co right now is enough to support them! Eventually, Tristan and Louise’s ambition is to replicate their solution in every isolated village in Africa. Near Igbérè, several are already waiting impatiently…

    Learn more about the project and support them by signing up for free on their website: en.turnthepoweron.co. Here you can also view this short film.

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