Does Palestine Deserve Our Solidarity?


    There are moments in history that collectively the world looks back on and wishes they would have acted. The Transatlantic Slave Trade, The Holocaust, Genocides in The Congo and Serbia. Today we stand in one of those moments, in Palestine the Israel government has set in motion a slow motion genocide of a peoples. Some may view that assertion as hyperbole but all of the ingredients are apparent; let’s consider the facts.

    The history between Palestine and Israel is an old one predicated on intervening imperial powers, rampant mistrust and horrors on both sides. In the beginning after the second World War Jewish peoples were looking for a safe haven in the wake of the holocaust. Palestine was chosen due to historical ties rooted in Hebrew theology, Jews viewed the land as their god given right. Between the years of 1946 -1947 over 60,000 European Jews migrated to Palestine and those populations continued to rise. With those shifts tensions were fostered in 1948 things came to a head when Israeli officials declared the establishment of the State of Israel. Following this the Arab Israeli War ensued, one side Israel (backed by America) vs Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Egypt. After 10 months however Israel stood victorious and a Jewish state was de facto affirmed.

    This was only the beginning, conflict continued with both sides refuses to come to agreeable concessions, through the end of the century more wars were fought only causing the Jewish state to grow in power and influence. In 1993 there were peace talks (Oslo Accords) that seemed to afford some promise but those efforts were sidelined by the assassination of the Israeli prime minister Rabin.

    Today there is no peace in sight, Israel now stands as a military powerhouse armed with nuclear weapons (we rarely discuss this in international politics) and with the full backing of the United States. Today Palestinians are relegated to the West Bank and Giza strip while Israeli settlers continue to build on declared Arab lands bringing with them the protection of the Israeli armed forces. Israel has completely dominated the original peoples of those lands using terrorism as a justification to starve Arabs of medical aid and food.


    The parallels are wildly obvious, children of tragedy have now become those that openly inflict horror on others with overwhelming force. Another irony that is not lost are the parallels in America’s treatment of peoples of color and Israels treatment of Palestinians. In those similarity solidarity can be fostered. Some will bring up the fact that Arabs are some of the most anti black peoples on this planet. This is true but political consensus and strength is not always built with perfect allies and in the wake of Ferguson many Palestinians sent their love and support. For people of color seeking more equable treatment growing coalitions across boarders through inter-organizational interaction and integration is necessary not just with the besieged people of Palestine but oppressed peoples across the globe.


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