Joining a star studded lineup of former pro athletes and business leaders, former Pacers power forward Antonio Davis helped to launch the Playbook Investors Network.

The Playbook Investment Network is an online business education and investment platform that connects minority and women owned businesses with educational resources and investors. Davis calls it everything a business needs to reach their full potential.

“We’ll take people and put them with our team and literally walk them through that whole process of where they are, getting that business plan, getting their financials right, whatever. Even if you’re pre revenue we can come in and show you how to get to that next step to start your business, grow your business, whatever it may be,” Davis said.

The P.I.N. team is comprised of a combination of former athletes like Davis and former NBA superstar Tracy McGrady and a group of business leaders located throughout the Dallas area.

The group chose to launch P.I.N. in Indianapolis due to their relationship with the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council.

“It’s not just the capital; it’s the complete package for minority businesses to grow and sustain themselves”,’ President and CEO Carolyn Mosby said

Sitting in the audience of the P.I.N announcement and livestream was entrepreneurs Derin Graham and Darius Middlebrooks.

Graham and Middlebrooks are the CEO and general manager of “Millennium Gear,” an athletic apparel company launched in Indianapolis 8 years ago.

Millennium Gear currently has clients that include Ball State University, Butler University and Ben Davis High School.

However, Graham says until now they haven’t had access to the tools necessary to take the company to the next level.

“A lot of businesses have working capital to start business. We’ve never had working capital for 8 years. Them having the means of working capital and educating businesses, it’s like its perfect for us,” Graham said.

Now both Graham and Middlebrooks say they believe that P.I.N will be the tool needed to boost the profile of Millennium Gear.

“They say sky is the limit, we say there is no limit,” Middlebrooks said.


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