Buckroots: A New Standard For Wealth Creation


                 Black history is marred with key points of being locked out from the best parts of the western experiment called America. Locked out from sharing in prosperity and wealth creation, essentially Black Americans have been forced to experience the “American Dream” from the confines of some hybrid between the sunken place and a torture room. This systematic financial disenfranchisement is a second less discussed tool of American form anti blackness. From signing simple life insurance policies to the owning of valuable property and land, a large chunk of the Black American experience has been fighting to get to zero; just fighting to survive. Even today the wealth gap between whites and blacks is eerily similar to that of post antebellum periods. Today a college educated black man can expect to be overlooked for a position by a white high school grad with a record (this isn’t hyperbole, yes it hurts). Furthermore when it comes to black women we observe that they are arguably the most educated segment of society yet are the worst compensated. Simply put there is  an ongoing effort by society to keep a selective group of people at the bottom.


           “Just doing better” is not something the black demographic can collectively wake up and enact, in truth there is a component genetic and social history of trauma that often arrests movements of black collective economic action. Standouts in history such as the Tulsa City bombing outline why that fear, apprehension and indifference is at times valid. Moreover anything short of sweeping reparations enacted by the American government and supported by the majority of the American body politic would not solve this problem in any type brevity.  So it is going to take time, creativity, intellect and intention to solve this vast deceit but our new generation of black millennials just might be up to the task.




              Armed with the knowledge of their history, yet unfettered by a direct link to the trauma black millennials are in a perfect position to turn this tide of widespread economic sabotage and disenfranchisement. It is in this space that us at Moxye come in contact with the founders of a company and movement called Buckroots, an organization focused on Forex investment and coaching.  When talking to these young black financial frontiersmen, it almost appears as if these four are glowing with the excitement of a secret they are struggling to keep. Dámon Coleman, Christopher Long, Tysha Long, and Druvon Humphries, started this  “company…campaign… and movement” in order to “get to the ROOT of issues and start people on their path to success”.



Dámon Coleman spearheads their efforts and exudes a quiet confidence, a demeanor seemingly rooted in the validity of his personal story and the Buckroots product. When discussing his goals Coleman is filled with passion and wields it to speak in a charismatic fashion. He outlines plans to offer those around him “Time Freedom” and a “stream of income that will afford them the chance to invest in other business ventures” Any onlooker could easily feel the fullness of his life, as we spoke his young daughter floated in elation around the his space, noticeable contrasting his cool undertones. In the tradition of black childhood, she understood instinctively that her father was doing something of importance yet was secure in the fact that she was loved enough and cute enough to steal moments of his attention. Coleman was a living testimony to his product.

Tysha and Chris Long were the warmest of the bunch, both with smiles that almost never escaped their faces. Flanked on all sides by comic book memorable these two were well matched and radiated an encompassing sense of belonging only found in love. Tysha was the community advocate of the duo, she spoke to the desire of wanting to  change the environment directly around her, give back to children and touch people’s lives. Chris beamed with a quiet love while watching his wife speak, he possessed the demeanor of a man brought alive by the magnetism she carried and secured firmly in their bond. The two had an energy instantly recognizable one that gave away that they grew into each other and were blessed by that journey.

Druvon Humphries, was the male creative and spoke in that power. His words were laced with undertones of poetry and passion. Buckroots and  Forex was not something he was approaching gently, one could hear the seriousness of his tone. He spoke also pointedly of “Time Freedom” and opening the minds of others to various “income options” Humphries was going to be successful and was going to take as many people with him along the way.

The bunch explained to me the basics of Forex with excitement, breaking down why this market could potentially “change so many things for so many people.”

Forex (FX) is the market in which currencies are traded. The Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world, with average traded values that can be trillions of dollars per day. It includes all of the currencies in the world. That last sentance is crucial “ most liquid market in the world, with average traded values that can be trillions of dollars per day” when asked if Forex ran the risk of becoming over saturated Coleman almost laughs and assures me it is not possible.

Forex is a market that spans our entire global fiscal system and can easily be intimidating to an untrained trader. That’s where Buckroots comes into play, by being a nurturing guide on a potential journey of financial freedom and security. Buckroots leverages an academy designed by its founders to coach newcomers on this form of trading. As well allowing people to engage a market that can be expensive to enter on your own. Their structure also provides investors with direct access to people already well on their way to success. Also giving subscribers an assortment of videos, guides, seminars and simulations to shore up their skills.

At the center of the Buckroots campaign there is  a goal of changing 1000 lives by teaching them to create wealth and invest in themselves. These four founders stress that newcomers do not need any previous experience in trading or investment and that you do not need extreme amounts of money to enter the market. They informed me that Forex trading is whatever you make it and that your success is rooted in whatever pace you set.  So no you do not have to be attached to a three screen station anxiously watching the markets hour on hour. In fact Coleman stresses how much he dislikes “babysitting” his trades and that he takes pleasure in being able to live his life unattached to his phone and computer.

I will never fix my mouth and say that one movement or one entity will fix the economic issues we face as a peoples. However Buckroots (@Buckroots) and its bright eyed founders offer a creative and viable solution to the financial woes facing many of us. With that in mind I personally urge everyone to check out their platform, explore their packages and explore the world of Forex trading.                      




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