The Philadelphia Board of Judges has chosen attorney Kelley B. Hodge as the city’s interim district attorney.

Hodge, 45, will hold the office until a new DA is sworn in following the November election. She will finish the term of Seth Williams, who resigned last month after pleading guilty in the middle of his trial on federal corruption charges.

State law provides that a vacancy in the DA’s office is filled by the city’s Common Pleas Judges. After three ballots, the judges chose Hodge from a field that included former DA Lynne Abraham, and former DA candidate Joe Khan.

Hodge, who is the first African-American woman to serve as the city’s DA, acknowledged her selection as a historic moment.

“The fact that I am the first African American female to hold this position is just something that I will carry with me and, hopefully, execute in a way that I would for anything else, which is to make everyone proud,” said Hodge, who for eight years was an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia.


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